BeOnePage Pro Update With Redux

BeOnepage Pro Redux Update Since Version - 1.8.2

In this article, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to upgrade the BeOnepage theme on your WordPress site.

Upgrade Theme Using WordPress Dashboard (Recommend)

    1. login to your WordPress admin first, and then navigate to Appearance -> Themes, after then click on Theme Detail, you will see Updates Available, you will just need to click on Update Now.
    2. You can see Theme is Successfully Updated.
    3. Note: If you will not see an update option on your website for BeOnePage pro, make sure your license is properly updated or has not expired.

Upgrade BeOnePage Pro Plugin

    1. Please navigate to Appearance -> Install Plugins, then you will see the update available for BeOnePage Pro Plugin(if not, it means you do need to update it), please click on update.  
    2. You can see the Plugin is Successfully Updated and activate again.

Install Redux Plugin (Required)

    1. Please navigate to Appearance -> Install Plugins, then you will see the install available for Redux Plugin(this is only for those who are updating the theme from v1.8.1 to a further version), please click on install. And after then do not forget to activate it, from Plugins –> All plugins
    2.  You can see the Plugin is Successfully installed and activated.

Reset Redux For Fatch Old Theme Data (Required only for who are updating theme from V1.8.1 to further version)

    1.  Click on the Theme Options menu under WordPress admin.
    2. Click on the Reset All button under Redux Theme Options( you see at the top right of Theme Option).

Set and Update the Front Page(Home page with meta box) of BeOnePage Theme (Required)

    1. Edit home pages under pages menu in the admin.
    2.  And Just update the page.
    3. All done, now visit your website and check, let us know here if you have any issues.


What changes we have made since BeOnePage Pro Since v1.8.2

  • Customizer Settings has been moved to Theme Option under the admin dashboard.
  • Content part(like title, subtitle description etc) has been moved to home page meta boxes itself.
  • Some common setting content(like read more button text, copyright text), has been moved to Settings->General.

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